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drop capf one aspires toward fulfillment in the pursuit of creative endeavors, one must cling to the philosophy that any creative endeavor is no more than the pursuit of self-enlightenment, and that the process of this inner search should not be confused with the dogma of academic intellect, but rather, the intellect of that inner being composed of the soul and the subconscious.

— Armond Lara

"When Armond Lara talks about the Southwest, his Navajo heritage is readily apparent. When Armond Lara articulates the universe through his art, he speaks with a muted eloquence of the beauty of the earth, of the power of a myth, of the inherent harmony in nature."
— Susan Brown McGreevy

“Armond Lara is an artist whose paintings evoke the mystery and the beauty of the Native American mythology. He blends these visions with his own original voice.”
— Michelle Pfeiffer

“Armond Lara believes complacency is the enemy of good art. Accordingly, Armond constantly pushes himself to arrive at the unknown, the place where the sixth sense takes over and links the creative mind with life experience.”
— Artletter by Tony Atwell

“It is unusual in the art business to find so fine an artist with the business skills of Armond Lara. He is a wonderful mixture of the intuitive artist with a sense of real world mechanics that creates an ease in working with him.”
— Ana Gonzales Swanson